Devin Discusses Nostalgia On THE INDOOR KIDS!

Talking Batman, THE 100, Denny's, upsetting prison rape terminology.

There's no podcast I like doing more than The indoor Kids, if only because it gives me a chance to sit down and hang out with my friends Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani for a couple of hours. I love doing The Canon, obviously, and I like guesting on The X-Files Files, but The indoor Kids is just so relaxed and fun and always simply a good conversation. 

My latest appearance is no different! This time I came on to talk about nostalgia, especially as it relates to video games, in the wake of the opening of Pixels. Also discussed this episode: the Arkham games, CW's The 100, the fact that I have never seen a minute of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and also some truly, truly upsetting prison rape terminology care of Urban Dictionary. 

Click here to listen. Hope you like it!