TERMINATOR 2, But This Time With WWE Wrestlers

It’s for a video game where you get to bodyslam a Terminator.

Hey man. If it’s Old Arnold, I’m in. I don’t care if it’s a bad Terminator movie or a bad Terminator commercial. I have to see it and figure you need to see it as well.

So here we are with a commercial which features Arnold Schwarzenegger recreating Terminator 2’s bar scene but this time with a bunch of wrestlers. I have no idea who any of these goofballs are, but if my Twitter feed is any indication, there is a pretty big overlap between movie fans and people who really enjoy wrestling.

This is all for a wrestling video game called WWE 2K16. I think if you pre-order the game, you get an exclusive character - a Terminator. Boy people are going to be bummed when they find out it’s that lame John Connor thing from the last movie and not Arnold at all!

The game will come out October 27 (in America; everyone else gets it October 30), so you have until around then to make this decision. Don’t fuck it up.