Marvel/Netflix’s JESSICA JONES Should Be Arriving Soon

Plus, new details on all the Defenders’ release dates.

Unlike Marvel’s massive movie slate, which has its flags planted all the way until mid-2019, the Netflix lineup doesn’t need to release its schedule all that far in advance. There isn’t much by way of competition when it comes to comic book shows with production value on the level of the films, and there certainly isn’t anyone else dropping an entire season’s worth of superhero entertainment in one sitting, but since all these pieces are growing more and more connected, it’s nice that we have some idea of what the lineup is going to look like. Next on the list? Jessica Jones, arriving sometime in fourth quarter of this year.

That sounds awfully vague, but we didn’t have an exact date for Daredevil until a couple of months before it arrived, and the plan seems to be to roll out one of these shows every six months, so October looks like a pretty safe bet. Not only that, chatter at the Television Critics Association press tour earlier today revealed that The Defenders crossover will finally launch once each of the four characters (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) has had their first solo outing, but that still may not be for a while since “some will selectively have multiple seasons”.

Daredevil season 2 is already underway, likely to hit the small screen in April like the first season did, and we should have our Luke Cage show by October of next year. If all goes well and they figure out how to get Iron Fist off the ground, we could theoretically get The Defenders as early as October 2017, but that’s assuming Jessica Jones and Luke Cage don’t get second seasons, or that Daredevil doesn’t get a third.

Marvel’s Netflix universe has already started to up the ante, having cast both Elektra and The Punisher for their next trip to Hell’s Kitchen, and based on what I’m hearing from the set of Daredevil, it looks like there’s going to be a pretty sizable jump in scale, at least when it comes to the action. Marvel’s getting stricter and stricter about leaks, so don’t expect to see set photos of costumes anytime soon, or photos of what I’m told is a police raid on an industrial facility, during which the cops open fire on someone running a roadblock. But it sounds pretty great!

It’s unclear whether or not Jones and Cage will show up in Daredevil season 2 (or vice versa for their first seasons), and with how successful the first season was and how excited folks seem to be for Jessica Jones and the rest, it seems there might not be a need for it just yet. If they’re successful enough to be renewed for more episodes, Marvel may not need to start planting seeds for The Defenders already (the original plan was sometime in 2018), although a couple of neat cameos to get the ball rolling wouldn’t surprise me.