THE KILLING JOKE Animated Movie Gets Mark Hamill As Joker

Way to think outside the box!

News that DC would be making an animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s famous Batman tale, The Killing Joke, broke at this year’s Comic Con. That’s probably a smart move since even people who don’t know much about Batman seem to know about this one. For those that don’t, this is the one where The Joker tries to drive Batman insane by telling him a joke. He also shoots Barbara Gordon right in the paralyze button (and it’s possible he does even worse things to her than that).

So obviously, The Joker will be a prominent player in this cartoon. To do this as legit as possible, it appears DC has wrangled Mark Hamill, everyone’s favorite Joker except for the ones that were in movies, to voice the character again.

I suppose this is good news, but it also feels like boring news. Mark Hamill has played The Joker a lot. I like the idea of other people giving it a shot. Stop hogging, Hamill!

Of course, the idea of turning this story into an animated movie is even more troublesome. Something tells me that even though it’s animated, it just won’t be as joyous and funny as the original comic.