Tommy Lee Jones On Board To Be The Bane Of Bourne

And Tommy Lee Jones always gets his man so...spoiler, I guess.

After director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon polished the Bourne franchise to a fine sheen with The Bourne Ultimatum back in 2007, they walked away. 2012’s The Bourne Legacy was designed to keep the door open, but it seemed to have the opposite effect, cooling off the brand pretty hard and making poor Matt Damon feel like a cuckold. But the magic is back, with Greengrass and Damon (and Julia Stiles) returning for The Bourne...Ascendancy? The Bourne Factotum? Or maybe it's The Bourne Redundancy, where the plot is Jason Bourne hunting down and killing Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross? I’d watch that. You'd watch that.

Today we receive word via Variety that the lamentably untitled sequel (The Bourne Lamentation?) has cast what is probably Bourne’s adversary in the form of Tommy Lee Jones. Mr. Jones is 68, so odds are he’s not reprising Chris Cooper or Edward Norton’s role, but will instead be playing a new ruthless-to-evil old white man running down our boy Bourne for the CIA. (Fun fact: The CIA has a mandatory retirement age of 65!)

I enjoyed the Bourne trilogy; in fact I’m of the opinion that, Renner jam aside, the films improved upon each other as they went, so I fully expect the next one to be some next level stuff. I still feel bad for Renner, though.