Go Ahead And Start Getting Ready For MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6

Like you weren't already.

Boy, the Mission: Impossible series is one weird beast. It’s been around for ages now. Each entry feels like its own separate thing. It revolves around one of cinema’s most unknowable, character-less franchise characters. And, like the Fast and Furious series, it has managed to get sharper and better as it goes along.

So why stop making them? On the eve of Rogue Nation’s release, Tom Cruise appeared on The Daily Show to announce that they’re already working on a sixth entry, claiming that the film will probably start shooting next summer.

Sure! Go for it! Everyone loves these movies, and by most accounts the new one is totally top notch. Might as well keep at it.

Of course, a lot is going to have to happen between now and next summer. They still need a script and another high-profile director to make his or her mark on the malleable franchise. But I’m sure they’ll manage. Like Ethan Hunt himself, this is a series that never seems to lose.