Michael Douglas Does Not Have One Of Those 700 Picture Marvel Contracts

Will he back for ANT-MAN 2?

Will there be a sequel to Ant-Man? Marvel hasn't scheduled one, but the movie has been #1 at the box office two weeks in a row and it seems to be doing okay, especially in relation to its budget. Marvel might decide that the franchise is a grower - that after Scott Lang pops up in Captain America: Civil War people will seek out his origin movie and find it charming - and that a sequel offers them an opportunity to highlight a rare female superhero. Imagine a sequel called Ant-Man and The Wasp; that would be cool! And some people would also complain that The Wasp isn't getting her own movie, but people gotta complain. 

If there is a sequel Marvel's gonna have to renegotiate with Michael Douglas; the actor tells Yahoo! that he isn't signed for anything past the initial film. "I'm not signed up to anything more. I've learned a whole lot and would look forward to more if it comes my way but if not I've enjoyed the experience," he says. So he's open to it! 

Weirdly, Douglas thinks he kind of got the short end of the stick. I say weirdly because I think Hank Pym is the best character in the whole movie, but Douglas is jealous of the comedy Paul Rudd got to do. 

"Paul and Adam (McKay's) re-write bought a lot more humour," he says. "I accused Paul of bringing a lot more humour to his character! Michael Pena can take care of himself. I on the other hand was left giving the exposition and the plot, which I was happy to do. In the next one I hope things get a little more bizarre."

Another thing the rewrite brought: the survival of Hank Pym. In original drafts Pym died at the end, which is why Douglas only has the one picture on his contract. I have to admit I'm happy he survived; I want to see Hank Pym meet Tony Stark. My dream version of the next Ant-Man has Lang and Hope teaming up to rescue Janet from the Quantum Realm* while Hank does what he did in West Coast Avengers - walk around with any conceivable item he might ever need shrunk down in his pockets, ready to be pulled out at any moment. That could let Douglas do a little more comedy, I think. 

* in the comics it was called the Microverse. I couldn't figure out why they changed the name for the movie, but it turns out that it's because Microverse comes from the Micronauts comics, which were based on a toy and thus licensed. Marvel no longer has that license and no longer owns 'Microverse.'