Scary FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S To Be Directed By The Non-Scary POLTERGEIST’s Gil Kenan

Wanted: Film director. Must have experience with creepy dolls.

If you have an i or Android phone, you might have played one of the three Five Nights at Freddy’s games out there. The first takes place at a pizza parlor where animatronic characters run around doing whatever they want at night. This usually involves killing people. Your goal is to survive a week working at the place.

I haven’t played any of the games, though I always meant to give one of them a try. A lot of people have, however, and the general consensus is that they really are creepy. So of course they’re making a movie out of it.

Unfortunately, they are giving that movie to Gil Kenan, director of the recent and very boring Poltergeist remake. While a lot of movies have a little touch that makes them somewhat worthwhile despite an overwhelming badness at the core, Poltergeist was too bland to even have that on its side. It’s a total non-movie.

This doesn’t bode well for Five Nights at Freddy’s. On the other hand, Kenan also directed Monster House, so maybe Poltergeist was just cursed. Kenan will co-write the script with Tyler Burton Smith.