Vince Vaughn Joins Mel Gibson’s HACKSAW RIDGE

Sorry, it’s NOT about that hacksaw scene from MAD MAX.

You may remember that Mel Gibson (who isn’t the nicest guy, but usually directs weird and interesting movies) is getting behind the camera again for Hacksaw Ridge, the true story of Desmond Doss, America’s first Conscientious Objector to get the Medal of Honor.

Andrew Garfield (who will play Doss) and Sam Worthington have already been cast in the film. Today brings another lead in the form of Vince Vaughn, an actor people either really love or hate now on True Detective. According to Deadline, Vaughn’s playing Sgt. Howell, the guy in charge of making sure all these WWII soldiers are badass enough when the time comes to fight.

Whether Vaughn can carry a character like that remains to be seen, but I’m into it for the sheer Mel Gibson factor. Hacksaw Ridge is being co-written by Gibson’s old pal Randall Wallace, if that does anything for you. The film should begin shooting soon in Australia.