Check Out 30 TO 45, A Horror Comedy With A Jam-Packed Cast

Tony Todd, Lisa Wilcox, Richard Riehle, Miko Hughes, Debbie Rochon and my good pal Jill Brumer!

Mel House is a Houston-based multi-racial genre filmmaker, and he's been through more than his share of production insanity over the course of his four released features. He's working on a semi-autobiographical, pitch-dark comedy about just that: a multi-racial genre filmmaker struggling through the highs (successful feature film releases!) and lows (super racist producers!) of this sometimes incredible, sometimes incredibly unrewarding life:

So I did what any self-respecting filmmaker would do...and I wrote a script based on THOSE experiences. Not just the experience of trying to put together a film, but also a snapshot of one particular filmmaker's less than idyllic life during this time. I think this is one aspect of the "indie film lifestyle" that we rarely hear about, let alone see dramatized and laid bare onscreen.

The key word there is "dramatized". This IS a fictional comedy, after all. While there is definitely truth in the screenplay - a WHOLE lot of it - there's also a Zombie nemesis/evil conscience, a cane-twirling, saxophone-playing "spirit guide", and a talking doll named Walter. Plus a bunch of crazy dream sequences.

Walter the doll will be voiced by Tony Todd (and you know there is no better voice in the biz), and Angelo Moore of Fishbone will play the spirit guide. Vets Lisa Wilcox, Miko Hughes, Richard Riehle and Debbie Rochon are all in the cast, as is my immensely talented friend Jill Brumer, who writes for FYA and even here occasionally!

Check out lots more about 30 to 45, including Mel's great pitch video, and consider donating to the Kickstarter HERE