Get Departed To The Mean Streets Of The Goodfellas In The BLACK MASS Trailer

This is not actually a Martin Scorsese film.

I was just having a Twitter conversation with screenwriter Brian Duffield about this: is Martin Scorsese the single most bitten director of the modern era? His personal style has become a sort of cinematic default for 'cool,' and it's almost disorienting at times to see a trailer like Black Mass' and realize he had nothing to do with the film. 

Which isn't to shit on the trailer - it's good, it's cut well, it sells the movie's conflicts and character relationships cleanly - but to remark on how much this seems positioned to remind you of Marty and his work in the gangster genre. Personally I'm also very interested in it as an entry in the 70s wig genre, and it looks like it's going to make a strong showing there. 

That song in the trailer, by the way, is Til It's Gone by Yelawolf.