There’s A TROLL Cartoon Coming, And It Banks On The Harry Potter Jr Name

This has nothing to do with pissing on hospitality.

The main kid in the original Troll (not to be confused with Troll 2, the 'best worst movie' that has no plot connection to Troll) was named Harry Potter Jr... and this was years and years before the first Harry Potter book came out. He was played by Neverending Story's Noah Hathaway, and he's a kid whose sister gets possessed by a troll wizard. He ends up traveling to a world of fairies and trolls and studying magic to save her. The movie, frankly, sucks. 

But it has that Harry Potter Jr name! And so it is returning, this time as Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter Jr, a 3D animated feature to be directed by John Carl Buechler, who directed Troll (and also Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood). And get this: they have Patricia Arquette on board to voice the witch who teaches Harry magic. 

“The original ‘Troll’ film has achieved cult status, and based upon its success we believed that the timing was right to produce an updated 3D animated version for a whole new generation of filmgoers.” That's John Carl Buechler, somehow neglecting to mention the value of the pre-existing name 'Harry Potter Jr.' The plan for the new Troll is for it to spawn a TV series and maybe even a Chinese theme park. And probably a lot of legal interest from Warner Bros.