Daniel Radcliffe’s Going Undercover To Catch White Supremacists In IMPERIUM

I hope he catches them all!

Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t been Harry Potter for a while, but that doesn’t mean he stopped being awesome. We’ll see him soon in Now You See Me: The Second Act, Victor Frankenstein (where he plays my main man Igor), and the TV movie Game Changer among other projects (and cameos).

And according to Deadline, Radcliffe has signed on to play the lead in Imperium, the story of a real life FBI agent named Michael German, who went undercover as a white supremacist to make sure those knuckleheads don’t make and set off a dirty bomb. It's not all that different from Harry Potter, if you think about it.

Imperium will be directed by first timer Daniel Ragussis. The script was written by Ragussis and Michael German himself, which means it will probably won’t be biased at all.