Everyone Relax - Channing Will Play Gambit After All

Looks like this gambit paid off. (Sorry)

Just a few days ago, Channing Tatum was about to walk away from Gambit, the movie was going to self-destruct, and this goofy thing called “climate change” existed. Jeez, what a difference 72 hours can make.

According to THR, Tatum has closed his deal to star in Gambit, a movie he seems heavily invested in on a personal level. Like, almost a Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool level. He really wants to play that Gambit. But just because he wants something, that doesn’t make him a chump. Whatever contract negotiation problems Tatum had with Fox, threatening to walk away from the project seemed to work.

None of this really has any bearing on whether or not it’s a good idea to make a Gambit movie. I grew up during the X-Men era that really loved the guy and can’t deny my own responsibility is making him popular. But I was also twelve. Now that I’m thirteen, I’m not so certain about the character’s appeal, nor can I picture Channing Tatum playing him. He’s too big!

But I’m not in charge. Channing Tatum is, apparently. We could have a worse person running the world.