GAME OF THRONES To Get Some Hardcore Ian McShane Action

A perfect marriage of awesome things.

In news that should probably make most people super happy, Ian McShane has joined Game of Thrones. He will appear in the show’s sixth season. According to EW, he won’t be in it much. His part, however, will be of great importance.

Of course, that part remains a mystery. It’s way more a mystery than normal since Game of Thrones has entered non-book territory, so we don’t have much to go on when it comes to fan-guessing who McShane will play. I’m down for anything, so long as he’s not voicing one of the dragons or a direwolf or some other talking animal. Don’t look at me like that. We are off book. Animals could suddenly start talking on that show. We have no idea.

In any case, Game of Thrones season five didn’t end that long ago, which means we still have an excruciating year-long wait before we can see McShane in Game of Thrones action. His inclusion is just another reason why this could be the show’s most interesting season yet.