Channing Tatum Successfully Negotiated His GAMBIT Deal In The Press

Don't worry, this lame character will be coming to the movies.

Last week we heard that maybe Channing Tatum was going to walk away from Fox's Gambit movie over some disagreements about his contract. The nerd world freaked out, wondering if the movie was finished before it began. Some sites with lax rules about truth ran headlines saying that Tatum was out of the movie altogether. 

But he never was out, and he never was leaving. He was always negotiating in the press, that new thing where an actor or director either drops hints in an interview that things aren't working out or where their people feed this info to the press. That's how the Tatum thing happened -somebody told The Wrap that Channing was about to walk, The Wrap published it, the internet roared and Tatum had the upper hand he needed to get those extra deal points through. 

How does it feel to be used?