The Canon Episode 36: MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

Amy and Devin celebrate the newest film in the franchise by going back to the beginning.

Brian DePalma! Tom Cruise! Jon Voight! That Lalo Schifrin theme song! The break-in at Langley! A TV show, rebooted to become an enduring franchise! The first Mission: Impossible has it all, but does it have what it takes to get into the Canon? For that matter do any of the M:I films earn a spot in the Canon? 

This episode Amy and I try to just talk about Mission: Impossible but end up going on about Tom Cruise and DePalma and TV adapations and the entirety of the franchise - including some minor spoilers about MIssion: Impossible - Rogue Nation, so beware. But they're pretty minor, I think. 

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For once we have our next few episodes planned out. We have Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins coming in next week, and I hope they pick a movie soon because we simply don't have one lined up! Then we're talking Reservoir Dogs and then Sasha Stone of Awards Daily joins us to talk The Hurt Locker. We're always looking for suggestions, so please make 'em at the Wolfpop forums. 

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