Lemmy And Slayer’s Tom Araya Join GUTTERDÄMMERUNG, A Film You Need To Know About

A new Oscar frontrunner approaches.

Have you heard about Gutterdämmerung yet? It’s insane. The film’s idea is to be “The loudest silent movie on Earth.” If you’re lucky enough to see it when it finally begins touring, yes touring, it will be accompanied by a live band and a narrator. So this is one that'll suffer on Netflix.

Pretty much everyone in the film is a rock personality. So it should come as no surprise that the film just added Lemmy from Motörhead and Tom Araya from Slayer. They join names like Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, and Grace Jones. Pat Boone hasn't signed on yet. But he will.

The film takes place in a version of the world where God steals the devil’s guitar and therefore eradicates all sin. Eventually Iggy Pop (playing an angle, natch) sends the guitar to Earth to cause mischief. Somehow that leads to crazy armies and other nutso stuff like that. As far as I know, it's not based on a Tenacious D song.

You may think I’m kidding about all this, but a trailer for the silent film should be arriving shortly. Then we'll see.