Matt Damon Ponders The Big Questions In This THE MARTIAN Clip

Or maybe it's a viral thing? I can't tell. It's good.

This clip from The Martian is being touted as some kind of viral marketing, but I don't know if it's specially made for the web or if it's in the movie or if it's a deleted scene. Either way it is good, and that, once we get past all these semantic issues that have kept us apart over the years, that have led to so much strife and bloodshed, that have torn apart families and ripped nations asunder, that have set brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor, that have stood between us and a deeper understanding of the world and our fellow man, that have crippled us cognitively and that have turned us inward, afraid of ever connecting lest we be misunderstood or misunderstand another, lest we find our own perceptions of reality and the inner workings of the universe - already so fragile! Already teetering on the edge of collapse on a good day! - to be wanting, to find our assumptions about the nature of life punctured like a soap bubble, because our lives are soap bubbles, drifting for a few seconds against a landscape of eternity which we can never comprehend, and just as we think we're getting someplace we cease to exist, leaving behind nothing but a memory and a faint residue. 

Where was I? I like this clip from The Martian, which is one of my more anticipated films for the back half of 2015. I like the stuff about Aquaman.