Squirm While Watching The ENTERTAINMENT Trailer

Gregg Turkington makes it awkward and unpleasant.

I saw a lot of good movies at Sundance this year, but none tested me quite like Entertainment. It's the new feature from Rick Alverson, whose The Comedy I can sum up with the phrase, "OK, I get it, cut it out." But what I found impossibly irritating in The Comedy I found to be hypnotically engrossing in Entertainment. In the film Gregg Turkington, in his Neil Hamburger persona, travels the Southwest doing shitty comedy shows and being incredibly abrasive to his audiences and many of the people he meets along the way. He gets caught in a downward spiral of insanity that will test the patience of most moviegoers, but which left me invigorated. There's a nihilistic artistic energy at the center of this movie that should not exist in our corporatized landscape. 

The film is due November 13th. Prepare yourself by watching this trailer.