WATCH: A Passionate, Well-Reasoned Defense Of CGI

Yeah, that's right: a defense.

The good folks over at RocketJump have added a new wing to their ever-expanding empire: RocketJump Film School, a site that will - as time marches ever onward - grow to feature a ton of interviews, essays, podcasts, filmmaking tutorials, and other fun, film-related activities. If you're already familiar with the RocketJump brand, you don't need to be told that this is a very good thing. On the off-chance that you're late to the party, though, allow me to assure you that this thing's definitely worth keeping an eye on. 

Anyway, RocketJump Film School's latest clip is one well worth your time: a passionate defense of CGI usage in film. No, really! Set aside 8 minutes of your time and give this one a shot. You're almost guaranteed to learn something: