Bill Hader’s Coming To BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

He’s probably not staying long, but still!

I don’t know why I stopped watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show wasn’t unfunny and has a great cast. At the end of the day, it could just come down to my dumb brain being dumb, something that keeps me from all kinds of fun things.

But now I’m thinking about getting back into the show thanks to news that Bill Hader will briefly join the cast. All we know for sure is that Hader will appear on the show’s September 27 third season premier. He will be playing the crew’s new captain. Apparently (because I sadly am not up to date on this show), Andre Braugher’s captain character has been forced away from his post. Obviously, he’ll be back, but in the meantime, Bill Hader’s in charge.

With a setup like that, it seems likely that Hader’s stay will last for more than just one episode, but his appearance in the premiere is the only one that’s currently confirmed. Hopefully by the time September 27 rolls around, I’ll be all caught up and ready to catch him in his sitcom glory.