LA: Come See Kevin Bacon Do A COP CAR Q&A!

And then have a drink with us!

Listen, Los Angeles, you should see the new film Cop Car this weekend. No matter what. It's a great movie. But you should also come see the movie Cop Car with Kevin Bacon in attendance, doing a Q&A with Tim League of the Alamo Drafthouse because that is going to be very cool. And then there's going to be a drink or two enjoyed after the movie - the perfect night out!

Bacon is doing a Q&A that is going to be livestreamed to Drafthouses across the nation, and we need people in the audience in LA, where that Q&A will originate. So not only can you come to this cool Q&A, you can have people across this fine land hear your laugh and perhaps your questions to Bacon. Maybe you'll ask him if they cast him as a cop because his last name is Bacon.

It's Saturday at 5pm in West Hollywood, and Tim has said he'll buy everyone a drink after the screening, so what are you waiting for - a movie, Kevin Bacon and a drink with Tim League all early enough for you to still have a night out!

You can buy tickets by clicking here, but I also have two pairs of tickets to give away. The first two people to @ reply me a picture of a cop car on Twitter (I'm @devincf) will win them. You gotta be in LA or willing to come to LA Saturday night - there's no travel or hotel here. And you have to actually come to this screening - don't just enter and then say at 4pm on Saturday you can't make it. You would be SHOCKED how many people do that when they win free movie tickets.