Would You Watch An R Rated Version Of THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES?

You might get that chance!

I would be surprised if anyone cares, but this fall, certain theaters will show the entire extended edition of the Hobbit trilogy (not all in one night, though). Some people do like the trilogy, but it’s certainly no Lord of the Rings as far as fan enthusiasm goes. Seeing the extended editions theatrically (or at all) just doesn’t have that super important sheen to it.

But these extended editions get their own MPAA ratings, and according to Ropes of Silicon, Battle of the Five Armies’ extended edition has been given an R rating for “some violence.” So now you have an opportunity to prove your arbitrary dedication to R rated kids movies. But it’s for a Hobbit film. The line is drawn. Will you cross it?

Given that Battle of the Five Armies was pretty much just a bunch of CG action, it’s not too difficult to imagine a bunch more decapitations and little things like that which might push the film into R rated territory. I would be so much more excited if it were for nudity or swearing. It’s also not hard to imagine this R rating being used as a marketing tool for a film people weren’t that hot on to begin with. Remember how excited everyone got when Revenge of the Sith got a PG-13? Sorry to remind you.