Fox Wants To Bring Cable Into The X-Universe

In the DEADPOOL sequel!

How excited is Fox about Deadpool? They're already kicking around ideas for the sequel. And there's one that has stuck, and - while anything could change between now and whenever the sequel starts shooting - that idea is bringing in Cable. 

There was a comic called Cable & Deadpool that was pretty popular for a minute in the mid-2000s, and it melded humor with big action and it had storylines with titles like 'Enema of the State.' The comic saw Deadpool - the Merc with a Mouth - and Cable - the timelost future son of Madelyn Prior (a clone of Jean Grey) and Scott Summers who has a glowing eye, a cyborg arm and a lot of big guns - having adventures without, as far as I can tell, any clear theme. 

I've been curious about when Cable would show up in the Fox X-universe. He's a weird character, one with a ton of potential who has not always been used correctly. Imagine him as a Kyle Reese type - born in the present, sent into the future and the returning to the present from a post-apocalyptic world ruled by the evil Apocalypse (his origin is so much more complicated than what I am sketching here. It is insane. Just the fact that his mom is a clone is the tip of the iceberg) - who approaches modern problems with a very military and violent attitude. In the Cable & Deadpool comic the dynamic had Cable looking to turn over a new leaf while Deadpool was pretty much just an asshole. I could see the cinematic dynamic featuring a more hardbitten Cable who is constantly irritated by Deadpool's antics. 

The question is how Cable would fit into the X-Universe - would he still be Clone Jean and Scott's future kid? Or is all of that way too complicated for the Fox movies? And if Deadpool and Cable team up, does Rob Liefeld - who created them both - get an extra special cameo?

Like I said, anything could change between now and pre-production, but this is the current thinking at Fox: they believe Deadpool is a hit and that Cable should join him onscreen.

UPDATE: Deadpool director Tim Miller told Empire he would like to bring Cable into the sequel. My story comes from a Fox employee, not Empire, but they printed first.