Louis CK’s Taking Another Big Break From LOUIE

You’re just going to have to deal with it.

I love that FX knows they have something special with Louis CK’s show, Louie, and pretty much let the guy do whatever he wants. Maybe some episodes are darker than people are comfortable with. Maybe some episodes don’t even strive to be funny at all. And maybe Louis CK will just say “fuck it, I need to take a break. No Louie next year!”

You might remember that Louis CK took a hiatus from his show in 2012. Now it looks like he’s taking another following the end of season five. No one knows how long he’ll take. It could be a million years. We’ll just have to find out when we find out. I like that.

Of course, Louis CK won’t be sitting on his butt playing video games during that time. He has a movie to make and a couple shows to handle, Pamela Adlon’s Better Together and Zach Galifianakis’ Baskets. But he won’t be single-handedly controlling nearly every aspect of his own series, so you can see how that might feel a bit like a vacation.