Rumor: Ben Affleck Signs On For Three Solo Batman Movies

A new Dark Knight trilogy in the cards?

Everybody talks about the Marvel contract - where they nail actors in for six or nine pictures - but I don't think we've heard much about how Warner Bros is playing their contractual game. They want to do the shared universe thing as well, but are they putting their actors in iron-clad deals that will force the talent to show up in any cameo at any time? 

A new report at Den of Geek indicates that they're kind of making it up as they go along. According to the site, Warner Bros has just offered to extend Affleck's contract to include not just the one Batman movie he's directing but two additional ones. I mean, this makes sense - ain't nobody does standalone superhero movies in this day and age, especially not with Batman - and it seems to gibe with the report today that Affleck's non-Bats movies (The Accountant and Live By Night) have been pushed back on the schedule. They're clearing some room in Ben's calendar to get all Batman, all the time. 

If Affleck has signed on for three solo Batman films, that means he'll be playing Batman a history-making SEVEN times - the three solo movies, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*, Suicide Squad and in the two-part Justice League movies. This is just the beginning, I suspect - Warner Bros will want Batman back in JLA 3 and 4; we could get ten or twelve films with the Aflleckman. 

A less interesting part of the report: Batman v Superman supposedly screened for WB execs who gave it a standing ovation. I'm not sure what that's supposed to tell us - businessmen who are looking to make money on this movie think it will make them a lot of money? Good for them, I guess.

* actual title