William Friedkin Wants To Direct Don Winslow’s THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE

No winter for Friedkin!

When it comes to 1970s master filmmakers who are still out there kicking ass, don’t forget William Friedkin. His last few films have not been as high profile as those from Scorsese or Spielberg, but that doesn’t mean they’re not really special or made by someone who definitely still knows what their doing. (We can argue about The Hunted later if you want.)

So any news of a new Friedkin movie is cause for excitement. According to Deadline, Friedkin is trying to move forward with an adaptation of Don Winslow’s The Winter of Frankie Machine, the story of a mob killer who tries to retire but of course gets pulled back into the game. Why anyone would try to retire from a life of crime is a total mystery to me. Especially people with names like Frankie Machine.

A few different directors have been attached to this project, but now it’s all Friedkin. A new script will get written, perhaps with Winslow’s help. Friedkin claims he’s going to take a down and dirty, Killer Joe approach to this one, so that should get everyone suitably excited.