Greta Gerwig To Make Solo Directorial Debut With LADY BIRD

But who will play LBJ?

The last few years have seen Greta Gerwig blossoming as a screenwriter, with writing credits on Francis Ha and Mistress America, the two great recent Noah Baumbach movies (she's tellingly absent from the screenwriting credits of the troubled While We're Young). She's credited on the mumblecore movies that got her her start, but I'm not exactly sure how much 'writing' actually happened on those films. She also has a co-directing credit on Nights and Weekends.

Now Gerwig is going to take the next step and direct a feature - one from her own script, but not starring herself. The film is called Lady Bird, but despite my witty subhed joke it has nothing to do with the wife of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Rather it's the story of a young woman spending her last year in Sacramento before moving on - a very Gerwigian scenario, I would say. 

That's all we got, except that the film will shoot in March. I'm psyched to see what Gerwig can do behind the camera. I have been such a huge fan of hers for a very long time - she's incredibly smart as well as incredibly talented - and I hope this works out well.