The Canon Episode 37: THE CANDIDATE

Featuring Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins!

This week's episode is a little unusual in that we have two guests and that makes things get a little extra off-topic - but when that off-topic stuff includes comic Barry Crimmins holding forth angrily about the state of the political system or Bobcat Goldthwait talking about his best friend Robin Williams working on World's Greatest Dad (and Popeye!) I think you'll agree it's worth it. 

The duo were in studio supporting the new film Call Me Lucky, Bobcat's documentary about Barry, a central and important figure in 80s standup but also a man who survived childhood rape and who became a tireless advocate for children. Barry testified in front of Congress about how AOL knew sexual predators were trading child porn in their chat rooms and did nothing about it. He's funny, though - I swear. Call Me Lucky is in limited release now and expanding this weekend - check out the official site for more. 

The movie is The Candidate, the 1972 film from underrated filmmaker Michael Ritchie starring Robert Redford as a liberal, well-meaning community activist convinced by Peter Boyle to run for a Senate seat he can't win. The idea is that while running a guaranteed losing campaign, the candidate will be able to say whatever he wants and will bring attention to the real issues. But things are rarely that simple in politics, and The Candidate follows as this well-meaning man slowly morphs into a campaigner who opens his mouth and has nothing of substance come out.