See A Wonderful New Short Called TITANO

A silent movie monster faces the horror of aging.

Earlier this year, I wrote about a charming partially stop-motion short film called Fish Friend. Many of the crew behind Fish Friend are back with another terrific short, this time taking on the lighting, angles and tone of our beloved old silent horror films. Meet Titano

Here's the summary, in case my own recommendation isn't enough to get you to watch it (shame on you):

An old man looks up at a faded movie poster and remembers a time when the world knew him as the terrifying monster TITANO, star of a dozen old films. What he doesn’t know is that once the sun goes down, he will have one last opportunity to give the performance of a lifetime and deliver a scare that will never be forgotten!

Titano stars veteran genre actor Irwin Keyes, who recently passed away. He's tremendous in the film, giving a performance brimming with plaintive humanity without speaking a single word. Titano's a special short, and a beautiful tribute to Keyes. 

Below we have Titano's credits: 

Titano: Irwin Keyes
Director: Ben Chavda
Producer: John Swartz
Co-Producers: Justin Wagman & Kristen Grant
Editor: Spencer Houck
Production Design: Gabby Canton
Director of Photography: Mark Evans
Casting: Amanda Lenker Doyle