Heed Literal Objects Of Affection In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

We've got Keys N Krates, BIGBANG and Tkay Maidza in this week's music video roundup.

Keys N Krates, the electronic three-piece out of Toronto, shed a little absurdist light (or a lot of it depending on your fetish awareness) on objectophilia in their latest for the largely break-y “Save Me.” And the directors at the helm, Adam Beck and Paul Johnston, provide sweet refuge for a ragtag bunch of loosely fictional pariahs in their latest offering. I’m moved by some of the more unexpected choices (toaster oven, hubba hubba) and the nod to Erika Eiffel's nearly decade-long affair with that handsome, French iron-latticed tower. 

K-pop boy band phenom BIGBANG (or BB as I’ve gleaned from hours of critical research) are back at it again with a mucky mixed bag of debaucherous hyperreality you’ll want to think twice about before reaching into with bare hands. Translated loosely from its Korean slang roots “zutter” means “It’s the shit” -- I’d argue that in this instance it’s also the pee-pee. That one will really explain itself. It’s all a stark contrast to the previously unveiled pastel fangirl daydream found in “Let’s Not Fall In Love.” Hey, you don’t have to tell me twice.

Sachio Cook’s gleaming approach to 2D animation is the perfect match for nineteen-year-old Australian rapper Tkay Maidza’s spirited rhymes. In a candy-colored comic world, a cartoon version of the Zimbabwe-born singer traverses an anime-inspired landscape complete with its own quirky, cuddly lifeforms. “Switch Lanes” and a handful of infectious others from her debut mixtape Switch Tape hark back to Azealia Banks’ rawer, older, more ebullient sound that endeared us to her, so it’s no surprise that their names are often spoken in the same breath.