It’s Happening! JACK REACHER 2 To Shoot This November

The greatest human who ever lived is coming back.

Jack Reacher doesn’t live anywhere. He never wears a set of clothes more than once. He is also never wrong, never misses, and has never gotten his ass kicked. When he acts superior to you, just deal with it because he’s totally right.

“What a fun hero!” said America when Jack Reacher came out. As a result, we now have another Tom Cruise franchise. Apparently Jack Reacher 2 is ready to roll this November with Edward Zwick in the director’s chair, so if there was a time for sidestep this, that time is now way behind us.

Jack Reacher 2 will follow the book Never Go Back, in which Jack Reacher does exactly what the title tells him not to do. You’d think that would be a mistake, but Reacher makes no mistakes. He’s going back to his military base for a hot date. But whoops! When he gets there he’s in trouble for beating this old lady friend up and fathering her child. Oh, Reacher. You’re incorrigible.

However Reacher gets out of this jam, it’s sure to be super easy and full of examples of his human superiority. Having read the book however, I’m also pretty sure this is the one where we learn that his real last name is Mehoff.