LEGO BATMAN’s Joker Will NOT Be Voiced By Mark Hamill

But he will be voiced by a guy who makes jokes.

So far we know that Will Arnett will reprise his Lego Movie role as Batman in the upcoming Lego Batman movie and that his former nephew Michael Cera will provide the voice of Robin. Now it’s time for someone to give a voice to the Lego Joker. And that someone will be Zack Galifianakis (gosh that name is hard to spell; I always accidentally write it as “Jack”).

As with the Michael Cera news, I just sort of assume they know what they’re doing with this. I know what Galifianakis sounds like, and he doesn’t really sound like the Joker. On the other hand, he’s funny, this movie is going to be funny, and the Joker is not a real person.

This deal is, according to THR, nearly done. So maybe it won’t happen. Or maybe Galifianakis will sign up but only under the condition that he record his performance through a phone like Harry Shearer, giving him the perfect opportunity to have Tim Heidecker to the voice instead. Or maybe he’ll just do the voice and later marvel at the strange corners his career has taken him. In any case, Lego Batman, which Phil Lord claims will focus on whether or not Batman can ever find true happiness, is expected to come out May 18, 2018.