See Tom Hiddleston In A Big Old Cowboy Hat

The first look at Loki as Hank Williams.

There's no movie that exists quite so perfectly on the line between excitement and trepidation for me than I Saw The Light, the upcoming biopic of Hank Williams. Williams is a cornerstone of American popular music, a giant who walked among us for too short a time but who changed everything in those few years. He's a very American guy, a very rootsy guy, and he's being played by... Tom Hiddleston. My concerns about standard biopic nonsense aside, can a Brit really do justice to the Hillbilly Shakespeare, and can he capture the unique nasally sound that isn't technically good singing but is in fact the greatest singing ever committed to tape? 

I don't know, but the new picture of Hiddleston in character released by Sony Classics certainly makes me think he's nailing the Hank look, and nailing it hard. 

Now I just need to see - and hear - him in action.