What Will Spider-Man’s Costumes Look Like in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR?

It appears he’s going to have more than one.

Not too long ago, Devin discovered a mysterious Twitter account that seemed to be the Russo Brothers (or somebody close to them) posting cryptic images related to their Winter Soldier follow-up, Captain America: Civil War. One of the pictures looked like a close-up of a shutter, possibly a mechanical goggle, while the other appeared to be red & black spandex, or perhaps red & dark blue. Either that account is the real deal, or they happened to get really, really lucky, because the folks at Heroic Hollywood seem to know what Spider-Man is going to look like come May 2016:

“Spider-Man has the teenage home made version of the suit in the beginning of Civil War and Tony Stark gives him an upgrade towards the end of the film with the traditional blue and red color scheme.”

Given his role in the Civil War comics, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that Peter Parker might wear multiple outfits. If he’s active but not quite famous yet, a homemade costume makes complete sense before his transition into something more recognizable. The 3D fan-rendering that’s been making the rounds is based on this DeviantArt piece by SpikeSDM, and while it’s most likely just guess work, there’s something about it that just screams amateur Spidey in a way we haven’t quite seen before.

From the waist up, that’s definitely the kind of outfit I can see Parker throwing together, and the kind that’ll fly off shelves come Comic Con/Halloween. The first outfit seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was essentially a t-shirt and ski mask, and The Amazing Spider-Man showcased something that seemed to fall in the uncanny valley of superhero costumes – too professional looking to be homemade, yet too much like bad cosplay to be taken seriously – but if the shutter really is a part of his initial look, then we’re likely in for a tech-savvy Spidey whose appearance matches his persona in a really interesting way. Plus, we’ve all seen how cool a live-action Deadpool looks with the eyes of his mask moving thanks to the miracle of CG, showing the kind of comicbook expressiveness a full mask doesn’t usually allow, so I imagine a practical version of that concept would be an absolute treat.

Speaking of previous costumes, the outfit worn in the Raimi trilogy is certainly iconic, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 managed to put together the best live-action Spider-Man costume to date, but Marvel is going to want to plant their flag in a bold way and establish a definitive Spidey iconography. I don’t expect a huge deviation from what people have come to recognize, but a darker blue with black webs is what the word on the street seems to be. The Twitter image still looks almost black to me, either that or the blue they’re going for is a really, really dark blue, reminiscent of what he wore in his very first comic appearance:

It’s also worth noting that this was during a time when blue ink would be used to represent black, so it’d be a neat little throwback in its own way. If they’re going for a unique look that’s meant to establish their Spider-Man as THE Spider-Man, starting from Civil War, going all the way through to his solo movie in 2017 and followed by a possible Avengers: Infinity War appearance, then who knows, we might even get some of that classic underarm webbing!

That part’s complete speculation of course, and it’s nothing more than wishful thinking to expect his red & gold Iron-Spider outfit at some point, but hey, one can hope. That’s the one Tony Stark gave him in the comics, but it appears here, Stark might have something to do with the outfit we’ll eventually get used to looking at. It does feel kind of weird to have Stark design the iconic costume as opposed to Spider-Man himself (maybe it’s a collaboration?) but even if that’s the case, it’ll be fun to see what kind of enhancements Peter adds along the way.