Birth.Movies.Exclusive: Kevin Bacon COP CAR Q&A

Kevin Bacon on grunting, running and his favorite curse word.

This weekend Kevin Bacon joined Alamo Drafthouse founder (and my boss) Tim League for a special screening and Q&A for Cop Car, his intense and great new indie film about two kids who steal the titular cop car. The Q&A wasn't just for the lucky folks in the audience - at the fancy West Hollywood London Hotel screening room - but for people at Alamo theaters across the country. The Qs came from Tim but also from people in the LA audience as well as folks in theaters around America, submitted via Twitter. It was a great event and I came away with a specific opinion about Kevin Bacon: he is a super fucking nice guy who is thoughtful and cool and willing to spend a lot of his free time supporting excellent indie movies. This film cost about a tiny piece of what most major motion pictures cost, but Bacon has been standing behind it like it's a blockbuster.  You have to love him for that. 

Since I was in the room I was able to make notes of which answers were among the highlights of the event. Embedded below you can watch Kevin Bacon fielding a bunch of different questions from the silly to the sublime - which is really the Drafthouse way. 

These are spoiler free, by the way.

First up! A question about the performance. In Cop Car Kevin Bacon spends a lot of screentime alone, and he doesn't have a whole ton of dialogue. I love his reply here: 

Next: Colorado! There's an Alamo Drafthouse in Colorado, and Cop Car takes place in Colorado, so someone from that theater reached out via Twitter asking about the filming locations. But what makes this interesting is Bacon's thoughts on how low budget films can look as beautiful as big budget ones. 

I'm shocked that question three came from Twitter and not directly from Tim himself: what is Kevin Bacon's favorite curse word?

Okay, this one came from Tim - it's about male nudity in film, and Kevin Bacon's personal relationship with it. 

And finally! A question about Bacon's influences when it came to playing a cop. I like this answer a lot because Bacon gets into his craft a bit and talks about the dangers of basing your performance on someone else's performance. 

Cop Car is playing now at select theaters and is available on VOD. We love the movie - read Sid's thoughts here - and you should click to the official site to find out how you can see Cop Car ASAP.