KINDERGARTEN COP 2, Starring Dolph Lundgren, Is Filming Right Now

Good luck doing better than this today.

I usually have an okay idea of what movies my goofy action stars are currently making. So if you told me Dolph Lundgren was currently filming a DTV sequel to Kindergarten Cop, I would call you a liar because I had never heard of such a thing. If, however, you had on set photos to help prove it, I would have to believe you and apologize for questioning your honesty. Well, if you click here, you can see photographic proof that Kindergarten Cop 2 - yes, starring Dolph Lundgren - exists. I will accept your apology in the form of quarters, please. Laundry.

Kindergarten Cop 2, directed by Jarhead 2’s Michael Don Paul and written by American Pie 2’s David H. Steinberg, involves Dolph pretending to be a Kindergarten teacher in order to find a missing Federal Witness Protection Program flash drive. He has a sidekick named Sanjit, and the bad guys are Albanians. What more is there to know?

Can you look me in the eye and tell me you’re not interested in watching Dolph Lundgren get overwhelmed by/be pissed at/fall in love with a bunch of five year olds? Can you? If so, I feel for your soul. As for me, I’ll be sitting by the closest Redbox until this thing comes out. Which should be sometime next week, I assume.