New SPECTRE Vlog Focuses On Bond Women

A new, brief bit of marketing gives us an excuse to talk about dresses - that's the BMD Difference™.

Sony has released a new vlog for SPECTRE, this time giving us 100 fluffy seconds of Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci discussing their characters and telling us how thrilled and lucky they feel to be playing the two women that Bond "hooks up with", to quote Mendes. 

It's all very nice and cheerful, but there's nothing much new here, except perhaps a look at Seydoux in a dress I don't think we've seen before: 

Not bad, though for my money that dress she's wearing on the train is the real show-stopper. That dress (shown below) is by Ghost, is hand-dyed to order (Seydoux is wearing the dress in Dusty Green), and costs less than Bond's Tom Ford sunglasses. When we talk Bond iconography, we're as guilty as anyone of leaning into the suits, the weaponry, the gadgets - all the swinging dick stuff. But as we evolve from a world of Bond Girls to one of Bond Women, we need to give credit where it's due, and the iconic female fashions in the films are no less important. I don't know ladies' fashion up and down, but I know what I like, and this dress, all clean lines and simple elegance, is an all-timer. You can buy it here, and why wouldn't you? You or your loved one would look great in it. As another fashion-conscious pair of individuals once said, treat yo self.