Who Will Tom Cruise Love And Leave In JACK REACHER 2?

Not even Cobie Smulders can keep this guy pinned down.

If you’re a lady in a Tom Cruise franchise, have your fun while you can because chances that you’ll ever get to come back for a second go are poor. I am currently sending this advice (via prayer) to Cobie Smulders.

According to The Wrap, Smulders, who you might remember from the Avengers films, is in early talks to play Ms. Lady in the next Jack Reacher movie, which will follow the Lee Child book Never Go Back. In the book, Reacher returns to his old stomping grounds to see a lady friend. I assume Smulders will be that lady friend. Her name is not actually Ms. Lady. It’s Danika, which is only a couple inches better. (Sorry all Danika’s out there.)

Whatever happens in this movie, you can pretty much guarantee Reacher will disappear into a thick fog at the end, completely unaffected by everything that came before. He is just too rebellious and smart to share his time with any one human for long, even if that human is almost an Avenger. Of course, these are still early talks, so Smulders may not get the role after all. But I kind of hope she does. I like the idea of Jack Reacher co-stars that could probably beat up Tom Cruise.