David O. Russell’s Next Oscar-Baiter, JOY, Gets A Poster

Third times’s a charm!

Pretty soon it’s going to be really hard to tell David O. Russell films apart. Joy is yet another collaboration between Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro. And even though Joy is about a lady who invents a mop, it’s the second to strongly invoke Martin Scorsese (in the trailer anyway).

And now we have a poster, in which Jennifer Lawrence looks up at her character’s first name as a bunch of snow falls. The focus is all on her, at least. There’s no love interest, criminal element, or father figure in the poster with her. She’s her own lady!

It’s hard to tell what kind of movie we’re going to get with Joy, especially from this poster. Making a movie about the invention of a mop sounds humorous and quirky, but the trailer did not seem interested in either. We’ll find out this Christmas, when Joy opens against 2 million other films.