The Canon Episode 38: RESERVOIR DOGS

Should Tarantino's first movie be his first film in The Canon?

After the raucous chaos of last week's episode this week sees The Canon back on track a bit - we're talking about Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino's first film. And as any Tarantino discussion ends up doing, we sort of talk about his whole career through the lens of this first film. 

While we're talking about The Canon, this is a good time to mention Earwolf/Wolfpop's new service, Howl. It's an app that allows you to deal with all your Earwolf/Wolfpop shows but it's also a subscription service that gives you access to the entirety of the archives, as well as lots of unique content. It's sort of Netflix for podcasts, and one of the huge gets for Howl is the entirety of the Marc Maron WTF archive. You can get the app at your local app store right now. Our show will remain free, but we're going to be recording audio commentaries for movies that we've discussed, and those will be exclusively available on Howl. Amy and I are getting together this week to record.. you guessed it, a Goodfellas commentary track. 

So go to to start your free trial today, and pretty soon you'll have the first The Canon commentary track to listen to!

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Next week: The Hurt Locker with special guest Sasha Stone of Awards Daily!