Marc Webb Allowed To Make More Movies

With real actors in them and everything.

After charming everyone with (500) Days of Summer, Marc Webb jumped right into the big leagues by making two Amazing Spider-Man movies. Which means he made The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Which means maybe finding a new movie to make would provide him with a real challenge.

But that’s not how this stuff works! Instead, Webb now has two movies lined up according to Deadline. One, Gifted, stars Chris Evans and focuses on a guy who wants custody of his gifted niece. Her gift must be something very special. Maybe she can automatically turn shakes into malts just by looking at them.

After that, Webb will adapt the Simon and Garfunkel song, The Only Living Boy in New York. This one, which stars Miles Teller and might also soon star Jeff Bridges and Rosamund Pike is all about a really gross-sounding love triangle between a guy, his dad, and his dad's new lady. Just like in the song! You can probably tell who's playing who.

Production on Gifted should begin this fall.