The Trailer For Todd Haynes’ Next Classic, CAROL

The Cannes sensation is coming soon.

Sometimes I look at the work of certain filmmakers and wonder why everybody doesn't put this much effort into it. Todd Haynes is one of those directors, and the trailer for Carol, which was a huge hit at Cannes, is made up of gorgeous shot after gorgeous shot, each drenched in emotion and meaning. There's better work in two seconds of this trailer than in many full length films I've seen this year. 

Based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith (the novel is called The Price of Salt), Carol is set in 1950s New York where a young shopgirl, Rooney Mara, falls in love with an older woman, Cate Blanchett. And like, of course she does. Just look at Cate in this trailer. JUST LOOK AT HER. 

Writing about this it occurs to me that we haven't seen a Todd Haynes movie in cinemas since 2007, when he released the epic I'm Not There, aka one of the greatest music biopics of all time. Maybe the greatest? I'd have to actually think on it to decide what is better. If Velvet Goldmine, his 1998 film, were less fictionalized I might vote for that one. Haynes had Mildred Pierce on HBO, but that was four years ago. He's always been slow - two movies in the 00s - but it's always worth the wait, as he tends to release masterpiece after masterpiece. Carol looks no different. 

Carol will be released in a limited Oscar-y run in November in the US, with a wider release next year.