ZORRO Reboot To Take The FURY ROAD

The post-apocalyptic Zorro you didn't order is coming.

Zorro! There was a really good Zorro movie in 1998, The Mask of Zorro, and it took themforever to make the not-great sequel, The Legend of Zorro. But that's just the latest in a century's worth of Zorro-related media, and the masked Spaniard has buckled swashes in books, comics, TV shows, serials, movies and cartoons. Now he's coming back (in the wake of a series of confusing legal battles that are determining whether he's public domain or not)... but in the future. 

Yeah, the Zorro reboot is going to be set in a post-apocalyptic future and called Zorro Reborn. I don't know why either. There was a scifi-ish Zorro cartoon called Zorro: Generation Z, but other than that I'm not too aware of many scifi takes on the character. We've had modern day ones (descendents of Don Diego taking up his mantle) and we've had a lot of iterations set in old Los Angeles, and we even had a gay Zorro, but this could be the first real cinematic scifi Zorro. 

I think this version of Zorro already had a concept teaser trailer, which hit the web a few years ago. Here it is:

I'd love a Zorro movie set in the original time period because I love Westerns and I think that early California history is underrepresented in film today, but I know that's a losing battle. The whole post-apocalyptic aspect is tedious to me, but I'm sure it turns on a lot of target demo, ie the people who thought Fury Road took a bunch of ideas from Fallout. Most post-apocalyptic movies are terrible and ugly, but that's your modern American aesthetic. 

Zorro Reborn plans to shoot next year, but has no cast or filmmakers.