Stop-Motion Animated Film HELL AND BACK Gets A Red Band Trailer

Lots and lots of cursing. No stop motion sex though.

We get a lot of animated movies, but few of them are geared for older kids. Not so with Hell and Back, a kind of Robot Chicken-looking stop-motion animated film about a couple of guys who have to rescue their friend from Hell. Check out the Red Band trailer:

This looks like something that should be premiering on Adult Swim, but since it’s not let’s just hope for the best. A couple of the jokes here are okay. Plus the voice cast, which features Nick Swardson but also TJ Miller, Danny McBride, Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon, and a mostly unrecognizable Bob Odenkirk as Satan himself, indicates that the film will at least sound okay.

I’m kind of surprised this is the first we’re hearing about Hell and Back (which gives away the ending of the movie in the title - bad form). Not that I expect it to be a huge release, but it comes out October 2, which seems fairly soon.