There Are A Lot Of Familiar Elements In This ASH VS EVIL DEAD Poster

That must have been a hard personalized license plate to get.

Ash vs Evil Dead is coming this Halloween, which is way sooner than it probably seems. Life goes by fast, and before you know it, this will be old news. Also, you will die at some point.

But for now, it’s new news! And today that news comes in the form of a fun poster:

Yep, that’s Ash. He’s in his old Ash outfit. He’s wearing his old Ash chainsaw. And he’s standing on his old Ash car, though it does appear to have a new Ash license plate. Furthermore, he is flanked by two newbies. That kind of makes sense, since he doesn’t really have any old-bies.

Nevertheless, I’m excited for this show after the trailer finally came out. It feels fun and funny and Bruce Campbell looks surprisingly capable of reprising the role despite being 100 years old. I can’t wait!