Could Toby Kebbell Be Playing Kong In KONG: SKULL ISLAND?

The King Kong reboot gets another actor.

Things are moving full speed ahead on Kong: Skull Island, and casting is still happening. The latest addition: Toby Kebbell, recently seen as Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four. Kebbell's role is unknown, but I had a wacky idea: what if he's playing Kong?

We don't yet know how director Jordan Vogt-Roberts plans to realize his version of Kong; we assume it's gonna be mostly CGI, but will it be fully animated or will he go with performance capture, as Peter Jackson did in the last King Kong reboot? If there is performance capture then Kebbell's casting takes on an intriguing light - after all, he killed it as Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and he's going to be mocapped as Durotar in the upcoming Warcraft. If Andy Serkis is the number one mocap performer in Hollywood, we could make a strong argument that Kebbell is number two. What's more, his work on Apes not only had him getting tutelage from Serkis but also mastering ape movement. 

Of course Kebbell is a talented (and handsome) actor in general, so he could be playing any role in the movie, and we don't yet know what the roles in this film are. It's set in the 70s, but beyond that we don't know how it riffs on the Kong story, so we can't really make any guesses on what kind of part Kebbell could be signed on for. In fact the only character we know for sure will be in this movie is King Kong himself.