Hugh Jackman Could Be Odysseus In Francis Lawrence’s ODYSSEY

One day I will spell “Odyssey” correctly without help.

First of all, Francis Lawrence - director of all but the first Hunger Games movies - is adapting Homer’s The Odyssey for Lionsgate. I wish he were doing the Iliad or even Virgil’s The Aeneid (which he wrote BEFORE taking Dante through Hell and some of Purgatory) instead, but a badass version of The Odyssey works if that’s the best we can get.

Whether it actually works or not remains to be seen for quite some time. The film doesn’t even have actors yet. But it might have one very soon! According to The Wrap, Hugh Jackman is in talks to star as Odysseus, the supreme badass who survives the Trojan War only to spend a very long time journeying back home where he must kill a host of dudes trying to nail his wife. (BTW, if you ever want to read a hilariously cynical take on Homer’s heroes, I highly recommend Shakespeare’s Trolius and Cressida, which is basically like a Coen Brothers’ take on the Trojan War.)

Jackman has not taken the role yet, but he’d certainly be good for it at his age and with all those Wolverine muscles still bubbling all over the place. I imagine this will be a PG-13 CG-fest, but Lawrence has always been pretty good at making those more interesting than they should be. Hopefully he keeps the streak going here.