Is This The Season Two DAREDEVIL Costume?

I tend to think it isn't.

The official Daredevil Twitter account tweeted this image today: 



Which has led many to believe it's a first look at the new costume for season two of the show (we all assume there's a new costume because, well, we hope there is and also because they usually redesign costumes between sequels/seasons). The problem with that assumption is that looking at the image it's hard to make out what is new on this costume - it looks exactly like the red suit Daredevil finally wore at the end of the first season. 

This isn't the first time the Daredevil Twitter account has caused confusion - a tweet featuring pictures of saw blades made everybody think there was a clue that Gladiator, the guy who designed Daredevil's duds, would be suiting up in season two. In the comic Gladiator has sawblades mounted on his gauntlets. That was debunked, though, and it turned out the account was just tweeting promo images that were still tied to season one. Of course what makes it all confusing is that on the day when Elodie Young was announced as Elektra in season two the account tweeted an image of a sai, so people are still looking there for hints and clues. 

Like I said, this costume looks exactly the same as the final season one costume, and while Daredevil may begin season two wearing it, I imagine he'll eventually have some kind of redesign.